Talent recruitment

Due to business development, the following positions have been recruited:

1. Mold fitter:
Apprentice: Hard-working, with a strong thirst for knowledge.
Complementary teacher: more than one year of work experience, with a certain ability to understand drawings, general workpiece processing can be completed independently
Master: more than three years of work experience, able to independently complete difficult tasks, and have the ability to find and deal with problems
The above positions are junior high school or above, and there is no age limit.

2. Mold designer:
There are many apprentices; graduates with technical secondary school or above, majors in mold or numerical control, electromechanical and other related majors, can bear hardships and stand hard work, can adapt to overtime, have strong learning initiative, have good personal habits and collective honor spirit
1~2 general design teachers; technical secondary school or technical school or above, major in mechanical design or related. More than one year of experience in plastic mold design, can use professional 3D software for simple mold removal, skilled use of CAD software and can use plug-in software to design mold structure diagrams and parts diagrams, experience in small household appliance mold design or mold fitter is preferred.

3. Programming apprentices:
There are many apprentices, one belt and one teaching, who can learn on the job and make progress in practice. The age is not more than 26 years old, male or female, and technical secondary school or above (fresh graduates majoring in mold design or CNC majors are preferred).

All the above positions purchase five insurances and one housing fund, meal allowance, birthday parties, festival activities, air-conditioned dormitory canteen and free Internet access
Working hours: 8:00-11:30, 13:30-17:30 Overtime hours 18:30-20:30
Treatment: daily salary + overtime pay + performance award + post subsidy
Contact: Manager Chen Tel: 18988695038
Address: No. 23, Chaoguang Road, Gaoli Industrial Zone, Ronggui

Not only molds, but also the guarantee of rapid mass production of products

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