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What are the precautions for the repair and maintenance of injection molds

Posted by: Koer    Time:3/18/2022 4:09:56 PM

As the most important production tool in an injection molding factory, the mold determines the shape, specification, size, and appearance of the product. The material of the mold is steel, which is generally composed of front mold/back mold. So what are the precautions for the repair and maintenance of injection molds?

Mold maintenance precautions:

1. When disassembling the mold, avoid bumps and water, and move smoothly.

2. Spray hot mold, and then spray a small amount of mold release agent

3. To conduct a comprehensive inspection of the mold and carry out anti-rust treatment: carefully wipe off the moisture and debris in the cavity, core, ejector mechanism and row position, etc., and spray mold anti-rust agent and apply butter.

During the continuous operation of the mold, it is easy to cause problems such as wear of parts, deterioration of lubricants, water leakage, and crushing of plastic materials during the movement process, so mold maintenance is required.

The daily maintenance of the mold generally includes the following aspects:

1. Regular rust removal (appearance, PL surface, cavity, core, etc.)

2. Regularly re-lubricating (ejector mechanism, row position, etc.)

3. Regularly replace wear parts (tie rods, bolts, etc.)

4. Other points to pay attention to

The maintenance of the lower mold of the mold needs to be professionally tested and protected by professional maintenance personnel after the mold is removed.

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