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What structures need to be considered in the design of injection molds?

Posted by: Koer    Time:3/19/2022 11:57:03 AM

In the process of design and manufacture of injection molds and plastic processing, there will be a close relationship. The success and failure of plastic processing depends largely on the design effect of injection molds and the quality of injection mold manufacturing, and the design of injection molds is based on the correct plastic. Product design is the basic. So what structures must be considered in the design of injection molds? The details are as follows:

1. Parting surface: that is, the contact surface where the cavity and the mold base cooperate with each other when the injection mold is closed. The selection of its position and method is affected by the product appearance and appearance, wall thickness, forming method, post-production process, injection mold type and structure, mold ejection method and forming machine structure and other factors.

2. Structural parts: that is, the rail sliders, inclined guide posts, straight top blocks, etc. of the complicated injection mold. The design of structural parts is very important, which is related to the service life of the injection mold, production and processing cycle time, cost, product quality, etc. Therefore, the design of the complex key structure of the injection mold requires a higher comprehensive ability of the designer, and the pursuit of perfection is simpler. , More durable, more economical development of the program design.

3. Mold accuracy: namely, avoid card, precise and precise positioning, positioning pin, circlip, etc. The mobile phone positioning system is related to the product appearance quality, injection mold quality and service life. According to the different injection mold design, different precise positioning methods are selected. The key to control the accuracy level is through production and processing. The precise positioning of the core mold is mainly the designer's sufficient Considering that, a more effective and easy-to-adjust precise positioning method is designed.

4. Pouring system: the feeding safety channel from the nozzle of the plastic machine to the middle of the die, including the flow channel, the separation channel, the glue inlet and the cold material hole. In particular, the selection of the glue inlet should be beneficial for the molten plastic to fill the die with good fluidity, and the solid flow channel and glue inlet cold material attached to the product are easy to be ejected from the mould when the mould is ejected. give elimination.

5. Plastic shrinkage rate and various factors that endanger product dimensional accuracy, such as mold manufacturing and installation deviation, mold damage, etc. In addition, when designing the press mold and injection mold, the processing technology of the forming machine and the matching of the main parameters of the structure should also be considered. Aided design technology has been widely used in injection mold design. In addition, in the design process of the injection mold, the standard parts of the mold should also be considered, so that the full set of molds can achieve the best effect, and then the injection mold can be smoothly developed in the injection mold processing stage.

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