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How to make the precision of injection mold reach 0.01mm?

Posted by: Koer    Time:3/19/2022 1:44:45 PM

For injection mold processing, it is estimated that most customers will choose injection mold factories with high processing precision, because high precision can avoid the phenomenon of oil leakage of the shell after assembling ultrasonic. So what kind of injection mold manufacturers produce high precision injection molds? Let me explain to you how to make the injection mold precision reach 0.01mm? The specific methods are as follows:

The precision of the injection mold is not high, in fact, it has a great relationship with the quality of the equipment for making the injection mold. At present, many injection mold manufacturers are reluctant to invest, and the processing equipment purchased is also very common, and the processing accuracy can only reach 0.1mm, if we want to achieve higher precision of the injection mold, then we should use a five-axis machine for processing on this production equipment, and the tolerance can reach 0.01mm. This is a high level of precision that many injection mold factories can expect.

Equipment is the main aspect. Experienced engineers and experienced mold masters can make the tolerance of injection molds accurate. Therefore, for mold master requirements, we should also choose old craftsmen with more than ten years of industry experience. The factory must be equipped with advanced equipment, and the craftsman-spirited producer also needs to have rigorous operation steps to ensure that the injection mold tolerance is controlled at 0.01 mm, which perfectly solves the problem of oil leakage after ultrasound.

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