R & D strength

Company strength

Research & development center

The company was established in 1997 and covers an area of 10,000 square meters. The company has more than 160 technical employees and produces about 1,000 sets of various injection molds annually; it has been continuously recognized as a national high-tech enterprise, a key support enterprise in Shunde District (Dragon Plan), and an engineering center in Guangdong Province.

Passed the ISO9001:2015 quality assurance system certification of "TUV company"; safety production certification, integration of two industrialization certification; Guangdong Mould Industry Association Vice President Unit, Foshan Mould Industry Association President Unit

R & D team

Research & development team

More than 20 years of mold development and technical personnel 50 people, mature technical experience, can control every fine requirement.

There is a professional mold design team and senior mold design and manufacturing engineers, which provide a strong guarantee for the design of molds and the manufacture of plastic parts.

Precision equipment


It has five Makino (MAKINO), three Okuma (OKUMA), four FANUC (FANUC) and other high-speed and high-precision CNC machining machines, four Swiss Charmilles WEDM, three mirror EDM and other equipment.

Accuracy inspection: Yixingbai's on-machine inspection system conducts comprehensive inspection, Tokyo Precision and German Zeiss four-axis automatic measurement of three coordinates.

  • Drawing design、
    Mold structure optimization

    ◆ Provide samples, drawings, and demands, and provide drawing optimization and design support and efficiency

    ◆ Good at injection mold structure optimization, providing high-efficiency mold development services

  • Mold making、
    Mold sample development

    ◆ According to the product structure and product performance requirements, rationally design the mold structure, and cooperate with 3D software to do mold flow analysis

    ◆ Use 3D laser printing to make your samples meet the requirements at one time

  • Product production、
    Mass production of injection parts

    ◆ Mass production after the sample is confirmed

    ◆ With a complete production management team and equipment, fast delivery as fast as one week

  • External trial、
    Iterative collaboration

    ◆ Install and adjust mold analysis and solve common injection defects

    ◆ Provide efficient collaborative support for mold improvement/improvement

Not only molds, but also the guarantee of rapid mass production of products

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