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Explain the importance and skills of injection molds

Posted by: Koer    Time:3/19/2022 11:46:16 AM

The grinding of the injection mold is a very important part. It can determine whether the appearance of the injection mold is exquisite. So today, the editor of the mold manufacturer will give you a detailed introduction to the importance and skills of the injection mold. The details are as follows:

1. The importance of grinding

Regular polishing of injection molds ensures consistent stamping quality. Regular grinding of injection molds can not only improve the service life of injection molds, but also improve the service life of machine tools. The correct timing of sharpening must be mastered.

2. The specific characteristics of injection molds need to be sharpened

For sharpening of injection molds, there is no strict number of hammer strokes to determine if sharpening is required. It mostly depends on how sharp the blade is. It is mainly determined by the following three factors:

(1) Check the fillet of the cutting edge. If the corner radius reaches R0.1mm (the maximum R value cannot exceed 0.25mm), sharpening is required.

(2) Check the stamping quality. Are there any large glitches?

(3) Judge whether sharpening is required according to the noise of machine punching. If the same pair of injection molds have abnormal noises when punching, it means that the punches are blunt and need to be sharpened.

Note: The edge of the blade is rounded or the rear of the blade is rough. Sharpening should also be considered.

3. Sharpening method

There are many ways to sharpen an injection mold, this can be done with a special sharpener or on a surface grinder. The sharpening frequency of punch and die is generally 4:1. Please adjust the mold height after sharpening.

(1) Hazards of incorrect sharpening methods: Improper sharpening will exacerbate the rapid damage of the injection mold blade, resulting in a greatly reduced number of hammer blows per sharpening.

(2) The benefits of the correct sharpening method: Regular sharpening of the injection mold can keep the punching quality and precision stable. The blade of the injection mold is damaged slowly and has a long service life.

4. Sharpening rules

The following factors should be considered when grinding injection molds:

(1) In the case of R0.1-0.25mm, the sharpness of the cutting edge fillet depends on the sharpness of the cutting edge.

(2) The surface of the grinding wheel should be cleaned.

(3) A soft, coarse-grained grinding wheel is recommended. Such as WA46KV

(4) Each grinding amount (tool) should not exceed 0.013 mm. Excessive grinding will cause the surface of the injection mold to overheat, which is equivalent to annealing treatment, and the injection mold becomes soft, which greatly reduces the life of the injection mold.

(5) Sufficient coolant must be added when grinding.

(6) When grinding, the punch and the lower die should be fixed firmly, and a special fixture should be used.

(7) The grinding amount of the injection mold is constant. If this value is reached, the punch will be scrapped. If you continue to use it, it is easy to damage the injection mold and the machine.

(8) After grinding, the edges should be treated with a whetstone to remove excessively sharp edges.

(9) After sharpening, clean, demagnetize and oil.

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